November 13, 2019

Earning Our Share of the Commission

If you’ve had any tenure in the real estate business, you have had the opportunity to see our industry grow…change…evolve… and lately, literally morph in front of our eyes! The same process has occurred in the role of the Broker or Owner of a real estate company. In the earlier years, providing a well equipped office (complete with your own phone, desk, and chair!) was the basis of a successful business relationship. As that business became more complex and purchase agreements grew from a one page document to pages in multiples of 10, specialized training was added to the menu of important benefits the broker brought to the bargaining table. Over the past decade or so, huge growths in technology have kicked that up a notch, and the Brokers and Owners that provided systems and tools that helped their agents keep up, not only with the agents at a competitor’s company…but with the consumer who had a world of information and technology products at their fingertips…were able to justify their value.
Today, there is a new challenge…TOO much information! So many agents are simply overwhelmed with an almost daily surge of new and exciting tech products, gadgets, processes and online marketing concepts, to the point that if feels like their brains are hitting the “overload button”… aching from the focus required to even attempt to keep up, let alone get ahead of it all.
And that’s where every great Broker in today’s real estate world has an opportunity to step up to the plate one more time. We have the chance to be a valuable FILTER for our sales team. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds! To do this, we must time block daily to read and research what’s going on, often reaching past our local marketplace and venturing into a much bigger world of information and discussions. Getting to know the country’s most popular airports is often in the mix as we seek out the best minds in the industry to help US define the difference between the “must know” ideas and the “half baked” ones. In turn, we can put the best stuff in front of our own, allowing them to benefit from latest and greatest, vs. being distracted by what isn’t.
It’s an exciting world out there, and it’s going to continue to change faster than ever! Technology offers every Broker, regardless of their size, generational background or marketplace, the opportunity to make sure their sales force is as excited about it as they are. As Brokers, we must prospect daily, searching out that one gold nugget of information or technology that can make a difference today…always remembering that tomorrow is only 24 hours away!

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